3 Out-Of-This-World Perler Patterns

Due to all of the cosmic craze out right now, I’ve decided to write this first post on some perler/hama bead patterns that I’ve taken a real shine to so far.

Hey, if Pandora and Marc Jacobs can get in the space race, why can’t I? 😉

So it’s with this decision that I present to you……..


Perler Space Patterns

This starry new collection consists of (as mentioned above) 3 cosmic patterns:


Told ya they were “out-of-this-world”!

The first pattern is the twinkling star:

perler 282

This star was created using a standard star-shaped peg-board, with spaces left in between the tips. This star is actually a few rows smaller than the peg-board is, so you may want to work your way out from the middle of the board.

The beads surrounding the exterior of the star are specialty perler beads with blue tinted stripes:

perler 285

And the inside yellow part of the star is made with specialty luminescent beads:

perler 286

These beads can be purchased at a craft store for around $14, or you can substitute in beads of your own choosing. 🙂

The SECOND inter-galactic pattern I have for you all today is the stylish striped star:

perler 283

The stylish candy-cane striped center makes this pattern unique, and a more modern design.

This was made on a regular star peg-board, and is the size of the board.

While I chose to do the pattern in blue and green hues, any other colours can be substituted in for the same general effect. 🙂

And now, to conclude this special post, I give you the last pattern in this trio; The moon+stars:

perler 281

There’s something relaxing and somewhat inspiring about this pattern…. 🙂

This design can be replicated on a regular sized circular peg-board with dark blue beads for the night sky, yellow tints or the moon, and white beads for the stars.

I hope you’ve had a great time reading this post, thanks for your time! 🙂

Happy Beading! 🙂

perler 279